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Young Guns

The Young Guns

Hiring is a tricky business. No wonder despite the fact that large format corporates spend a fortune they still fail to attract the best talent.

So what do they do?

Obviously, put up a big green carrot–the unthinkable paycheque. Of course, there are takers. But if we probe a little deeper, we would realize that more and more young ones aren’t getting lured by the green paper anymore. And even if they do, the rate of attrition skyrockets.

What is the reason? I am sure to figure out the same, there would be numerous seminars, studies worth millions of dollars and senior HR honchos traveling to exotic locations to address the issue. But the kind of HR heads and managers companies have I have serious doubts on the outcome of such brain digging.

No, I don’t hold them in contempt. They do what they are asked to do. Being straight-jacketed, they go by precedence. However, this ‘precedence practice’ won’t last for long.

The social scape has undergone a metamorphosis. From the family unit to value system, personal ambition to the loyalty quotient, everything has changed. And why not, after all, change is the essence of life. It is time when companies pause for a moment and realign their hiring process to make it more contemporary and in sync with the times.

Well, what are the demands of the time?

  1. BOSS IS DEAD : The whole ‘boss’ culture where someone was your boss because he was born some 5 to 10 years earlier now is non-existent. Younger lot abhors the idea of a boss. They are more of team members who would only look up to their team manager as a leader if he deserves respect. Force down a boss up their way and be ready to have your inbox inundated with resignations.
  2. PROFESSIONAL V/S PERSONAL: The current breed of GenX is a focused lot. They have well-structured dreams, vision and career paths. There could be times when there would be a clash. For instance, a banker would be dreaming of playing the bass at a jazz club. The day he realizes that the current job is being a deterrent by not giving him weekends off, spare time, he would not even think for a moment to walk out of his suit and silk tie.
  3. HE IS A SEEKER: From seeking self-actualization to adventure stints, relationships to his purpose in life, the initial years are turbulent for this young kid on the block. Partner with him, share, express and be a mentor to him. He reacts better to across the table talk than a memo. He would like to speak more than listen.

Well, the task could be daunting but not really is you weigh it against the onerous job of finding new candidates, again.

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