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Most of the times every agency and client is faced with a barrage of challenges. From branding to positioning, ROI to acquisition, the list is never-ending. It takes a ‘solution-centric’ mindset and creative acumen blended with time tested strategy to come up with a robust solution.

The team brainstormed as to why would someone buy a shirt with a geometry box, water bottle, ice lolly? I mean what was the context, the hook?

When Grapevine, a fashion brand came to us seeking some exciting Launch Idea for its menswear range we were faced with a peculiar issue. The shirts had motifs and icons from the 80s era. Nostalgia was fine but then marketing the 80s in 2019 was not very viable. But then that was the challenge.

Product off-take would not happen till we could weave a Pro 80 narrative. The way forward was taking down the prospective TA, men in the 30s and 40s down the memory lane, positioning the 80s as the best time of their life, rekindling the fading memories, building an aura of nostalgia and romance around the years.

We did exactly the same.

On Facebook and Insta, we launched an integrated campaign, building 80s with icons of that era and positioning it as the golden era. After establishing the era, we quickly moved to the stylized icon doodle, tying up the bygone era with subconscious memories.

Once we had the TA hooked, after 2 weeks, the product range was launched with the product and a dash of the icon doodle.

The result? Of course success.

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